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Winter Newsletter 2018

C&G NEWSLETTER WINTER 2018 CHRISTMAS OPENING TIMES Friday 21st Dec- OPEN as normal Saturday 22rd Dec- OPEN 9am-1pm Sunday 23rd Dec- CLOSED Monday 24th Dec- OPEN 9am- 3pm Tuesday 25th Dec- CLOSED Wednesday 26th Dec- CLOSED Thursday 27th Dec- OPEN 9am-6pm Friday 28th Dec- OPEN 9am-6pm Saturday 29th Dec- OPEN 9am- 1pm Sunday 30st Dec- [...]

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newsletter chick


EASTER BANK HOLIDAY OPENING HOURS: Friday 30th March- OPEN as normal Saturday 31st March- OPEN as normal Sunday 1st April- CLOSED Monday 2nd April- CLOSED Tuesday 3rd April- OPEN as normal   MAY BANK HOLIDAY OPENING HOURS: Friday 4th May- OPEN as normal Saturday 5th May- OPEN as normal Sunday 6th May- CLOSED Monday 7th [...]

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Christmas Apollo

Winter Newsletter 2017

WINTER NEWSLETTER 2017    (Apollo, the wee Christmas pudding!)   CHRISTMAS OPENING TIMES: Friday 22nd Dec- OPEN as normal Saturday 23rd Dec- OPEN 9am-1pm Sunday 24th Dec- CLOSED Monday 25th Dec- CLOSED Tuesday 26th Dec- OPEN 9am-1pm Wednesday 27th Dec- OPEN 9am-6pm Thursday 28th Dec- OPEN 9am-6pm Friday 29th Dec- OPEN 9am-6pm Saturday 30th Dec- [...]

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Precious Fb

Summer 2017 Newsletter

  DOG SHOW Following the success of our wee dog show at Govan Fair last June, we have decided to hold another event this year. We had planned to coincide with the Govan Fair, but this year’s park event did not take place. Our C&G Dog Show will take place on Saturday 16th September between [...]

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Winter Newsletter 2016

CHRISTMAS OPENING TIMES:   Friday 23rd Dec- OPEN as normal Saturday 24th Dec- OPEN 9am-1pm Sunday 25th Dec- CLOSED Monday 26th Dec- CLOSED Tuesday 27th Dec- OPEN 9am-4pm Wednesday 28th Dec- OPEN as normal Thursday 29th Dec- OPEN as normal Friday 30th Dec- OPEN as normal Saturday 31st Dec- OPEN 9am- 1pm Sunday 1st Jan- [...]

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Christmas Newsletter 2015

Our opening times over the Christmas holidays: Wednesday 23rd Dec: open as normal Christmas Eve (24th): 9am- 4pm Christmas Day (25th): CLOSED Saturday 26th Dec: 9am-1pm Monday 28th Dec: CLOSED Tuesday 29th Dec: open as normal Wednesday 30th Dec: open as normal Thursday 31st Dec: 9am – 4pm Friday 1st Jan: CLOSED Saturday 2nd Jan: [...]

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Newsletter June/July 2015

  OUT OF HOURS UPDATE Pets A&E (formally of Kinning Park & recently of Pets Empawrium, East Kilbride) is no longer operational as our out of hours provider. In case of emergency please contact either: VETS NOW 123-145 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DA 0141 332 3212 OR SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW Bearsden Road, [...]

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First Aid

February/March 2015 Newsletter

- – FIRST AID    COMMON EMERGENCIES What to do if your pet is vomiting? Think about what your pet has eaten in the past few hours- anything unusual? Have you changed their usual diet? Snaffled anything in the park? Have they been in contact with other sick animals? Any information will help the vet [...]

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Christmas 2014

December 2014 Newsletter

Our holiday opening times: Mon 22nd December – Normal hours Tue 23rd December – Normal hours Wed 24th December- 9am- 4pm Christmas day – CLOSED Boxing day – CLOSED Sat 27th December – Normal hours Mon 29th December – Normal hours Tue 30th December – Normal hours Wed 31st December- 9am- 4pm New Year’s Day [...]

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November 2014 Newsletter

 FIREWORK PHOBIA Here are a few hints & tips to help you prepare for Fireworks season: Keep you pet inside when fireworks are being let off Stay with your pet if possible Act normal & stay calm (pets pick up on our anxiety) Make a den that your pet can hide in Close the curtain [...]

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