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We recommend regular worming to control infection with roundworms and tapeworms.  As well as causing problems for your pet, roundworm eggs can pass on to us and can cause serious health problems in children, older people and those with underlying illnesses.


For puppies, we recommend worming every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age, then monthly until 6 months of age.  After that, and for all adult dogs, we advise worming every 3 months, though this can be done more often if needed.

For kittens, we recommend worming monthly until 6 months of age then every 3 months as an adult.  If your cat is a regular hunter, it may be better to worm more often.


Worming tablets are available for both cats and dogs, but if you have problems a ‘spot-on’ wormer that goes on the skin is available for cats.  If we haven’t seen your pet before, please bring him/her in to see a nurse for a free weight check and advice on the right wormer.


We also have products available for lungworm prevention.

(Harry gets wormed regularly as he loves mucky puddles!)