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Pet Travel Scheme

From 1st January 2012 the rules for bringing pet dogs, cats and ferrets into the UK have changed.



All pets travelling from the UK to EU countries will still need to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before travelling and there is a limit of five animals travelling per person.


However animals from other EU member states and listed approved countries will not need a blood test and can enter the UK 21 days after their rabies vaccination.


Without this blood test you cannot be sure your pet has adequate protection against rabies and as such we will continue to recommend a post-vaccination blood sample, three weeks after vaccination, before travel.


Pets entering the UK from non-approved countries still legally require a blood sample 30 days after vaccination and three months before entry to the UK.  They will however no longer require quarantine on entry.


It is important to check with the individual country you are travelling to and from as variations can occur.



Tapeworm treatment is required 1-5 days before entry to the UK for dogs.  This treatment must be administered by a vet.


One important tapeworm to know about is Echinococcus multiocularis which is endemic in much of Europe, from France eastwards.  Dogs are easily infected and they can cause a potentially fatal condition to humans.  Infection if uncommon but not impossible in cats.


It is advised to worm your pet monthly while you are abroad as well as treating before re-entry to the UK.


Tick Treatment


Tick treatment is no longer a part of pet passport control.


Tick treatment is important before travel, during your stay and before returning to the UK.


Serious diseases such as Erlichia canis, Babesia canis and Hepatozoon are not present in the UK and can be picked up from ticks which can be found in domestic environments such as homes and kennels.


(Declan doesn’t like to miss out on holidays so he goes with his owners!)