Telephone: 0141 445 6869

Nurse Clinics

Nurse appointments with qualified Veterinary Nurses are available by arrangement these include Senior Clinics, Weight Management, Dental Clinics and Puppy and Kitten check-ups. These are FREE of charge to registered clients.


Senior Clinic

The Senior Clinic gives you a chance to bring your pet in for a general check over with one of our nurses and to discuss changes that are common in older pets. Even if your pet appears to be well it can be easy to miss early signs of disease. This also gives you the opportunity to have time with a qualified nurse to go through any questions and advice that you may need about looking after your pet as they grow older. (This is Cleo, she is a wee old lady now so comes for her check ups regularly.)


Please bring a urine sample with you and we will test this as part of your check up.  Please be aware that if further tests and consultation with a vet are required there will be a charge.


Puppies and Kittens

We offer monthly chec k ups for youngsters up to six months old to make sure that they have been getting on well in their new home, to discuss any questions you might have, check on their weight and generally have a cuddle!  Getting your pet well-socialised and used to the vet at an early age can help to make future visits not as stressful as we try to associate your pet with our practice being a positive place where nice things happen and not just a place for injections when they are feeling unwell.  Also having an accurate weight is essential for giving appropriate flea and worm treatment and to allow you to make sure you are feeding the right quantity of food.  Please call to book an appointment with our qualified nurses for this clinic.


Weight Management

Our weight clinic is for all pets of all ages and sizes. You may think your pet is gaining or losing weight and this clinic allows us to check on this and take appropriate action.


Our “Portly Pets” clinic is run by our qualified nurses for pets who are overweight.  In these clinics we can weigh your pet, discuss diet and exercise and you can gain some useful hints and tips on how to achieve your pet’s weight loss goals.  Overweight pets have increased strain on their joints and internal organs and as such are at increased risk of arthritis, heart disease etc.  This can reduce your pets life expectancy and quality of life.  Keeping your pet lean and fit will make them happier and healthier!


It is a good idea to have your pet weighed regularly so that both you and the vet are aware of what a normal weight is for your pet as every animal will be different. This can be useful as an indicator if your pet is becoming unwell. We might start to see changes in their weight, decide to monitor this more closely and possibly investigate further why this is happening.


Dental Clinics

This is an opportunity to have your pet’s teeth looked at for signs of dental disease. Many pets will have problems with their teeth at sometime in their life. This can be a painful problem and animals are very good at hiding signs of pain until they become excruciating. If we can catch these problems before your pet shows pain we can help prevent it progressing. Advice can also be given on how to help your pets’ teeth on a daily basis at home. (George likes to smile and show off his lovely clean teeth!)